Indian Street Food & Co | Norway

Welcome to Vippa Food court

The time has come for yet another Indian Street Food place to open. This time in Vippa – a food court situated on the edge of the Oslo fjord. The facilities – formerly used to store goods from all over the world – now act as the hub for 11 food stands, offering sustainable and diverse food to Oslo’s bustling foodscape.

The goal for Dheeraj Singh has always been to raise the bar for the Indian dining experience in Scandinavia. In 2014 he founded Indian Street Food & Co in Stockholm, with friend and entrepreneur Johan Parmar, starting out with food trucks and catering. A true gastronomic innovator, he has since then been merging Indian and Scandinavian flavours in ways that make his audience very happy. It’s his way of re-inventing what he loves, but also a personal take on sustainability. Making a lasting impression with minimum impact, mixing the flavours of his childhood with modern tastes.

Welcome to our food stand!

Where: Akershusstranda 25, Oslo
What: Indian contemporary
Open since: 15 Mars 2023