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Photo credit: Sara Danielsson.

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Kesar Rasmalai, caramelized rose petals and roasted pistachios (Photo: Sara Danielsson)
Kathi roll with veggie samosas (Photo: Sara Danielsson)
Kathi roll with grilled chicken tikkas (Photo: Sara Danielsson)
Tandoori chicken tikkas (Photo: Sara Danielsson)
De-constructed veggie samosas (Photo: Sara Danielsson)
Lahauli chicken momos (Photo: Sara Danielsson)
Tawa Vegetables and Malai gravy (Photo: Sara Danielsson)
Dheeraj Singh Master chef (Photo: Chanderjeet Singh)
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Acclaimed Indian chef opens new restaurant

Indian Street Food & Co with creative chef Dheeraj Singh opens a new restaurant in Sørengkaia, Oslo with inauguration on late fall 2022. Singh offers high quality and sustainable new-Indian