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Indian Street Food & Co offers a full range of modern Indian cuisine that draws its inspiration from all over India, but also with from the Nordic and southern European cuisine. You can choose from our ready meals or buffets or we tailor a menu for you.

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Experience by Dheeraj Singh

Welcome to a genuine Indian experience out of the ordinary. 
Blending tradition with a freshness that can only be found in contemporary gastronomy of India.

On the road again

Book the truck

You can book our trucks for your events. Once in place, we invite you to the real Indian street food experience that is cooked on site and served out the door of our trucks.

For evening events, we need to have your order at least two full working days before the planned delivery date. For current events, we would like to have your order no later than 7 days before delivery. 

Get some inspiration

Our experienced staff can prepare dishes from all corners of India.
Here’s some popular choices to get you inspired. We can always tailor a menu for you.

Kathi Rolls

Kathi Rolls are baked Indian bread rolls with fillings, spices and sauces from the traditional and the modern North Indian cuisine.
All our Kathi rolls served with a rawfood mixture of carrot, beetroot, yellow beetroot , cabbage , radish, fresh pomegranate and mint.

• Grilled Chicken Tikka & Coriander Yogurt
• Grilled Paneer Cheese & Pickled Masala
• Fried Samosas & Tamarind Chutney
• Grilled Lamb Masala & Tomato n Mint Salsa
• Grilled Vegetables & Coriander Chutney

Rice & Curry

Traditional Indian cuisine with modern accessories with basmati rice mixed with vegetables and cashew nuts, topped with herbs , pomegranate and yogurt.
All our dishes are served with rawfood, raita and chutney, and our black peppar papadums of lentil flour.

• Butter Chicken Tikka with Ginger
• Grilled lamb with Garam Masala
• Dal Makhani

Tikka Salads

Tikkas are Indian “morsels” we grills and served with exciting accessories.
All our tikkas served as skewers with a stuffed rawfoodsallad and a filling chunky salsa.

• Chicken with mango, cucumber, parsley, lemon and toasted sesame seeds
• Paneer cheese with salsa of avocado, red onion, lime and coriander
• Lamb with mint, coriander, chilli and lime

Street Food

A mixed and tasty street food buffet that offers exotic flavors and exciting combinations. Can be customized.

• Kathi rolls  Grilled Paneer-cheese, raw food mix and koriander
• Deconstructed Samosas
• Chicken 65 lollies
• Delhi style butter chicken and rice
• Lamb seekh kebabs
• Mango lassi


A buffet for those looking for a genuine Indian experience. Blending tradition with a freshness that can only be found in contemporary gastronomy of India, which has not yet reached the Swedish cuisines. Can be customized.

• Tansen Paneer-cheese Tikkas
• Luckhnowi Chicken Kebabs

Main dishes
• Punjabi Chicken Curry
• Dal Makhni Bukhara
• Malai Kofte
• Basmati rice
• Single layer Parathas
• All over India Raita
• Papadams, pickles,chutneys and sallad

You Choose

Vegetarian? Vegan? Only dishes from southern India?
We’ll be happy to put together a combination of nice dishes to suit your arrangement and needs.
Contact us with your wishes.

Mango lassi with cardamon
Coconut lassi with fresh mint & lime
Salt lassi with dried mint & roasted caraway
Fresh lime soda
Hot masala chai
Coffee or green tea

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